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Formal Shirts for Men That Are Not Boring

You’ve been invited to a function, maybe it’s a dinner, perhaps it’s an awards ceremony or just a mate that is doing their own Come Dine With Me. You need to wear something smart, in the vein of a super smart dress shirt. A white dress shirt is boring, that’s a fact. It’s a lifeless plain item of clothing that countless others will likely also be wearing. So what do you do if you need a formal dress shirt that isn’t boring? Here’s one option, consider sweeping the attention out of the room and having all eyes on you. That statement will turn off some people but not you. Why? Because attention equals options. And you like to have options.


I Don’t Want To Wear Fancy Dress: An Alternative For Women

Alongside diamonds, sequins are a girl’s best friend. At Gnat Styling we’ve amassed a collection of exclusive sequin dresses that will allow you to dress yet avoid wearing a ridiculous costume. We felt it was time to bring something new to the market for pivotal celebrations around the year: Christmas, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day so you won’t need to wear your standard Christmas jumper, stereotypical witch costume or that green leprechaun hat.[...]

Finding a Truly Foul Combination of Fashions

We've been around a while now and having shared a conversation or two in the Gnat Styling offices with colleagues and also several customers over the phone via Twitter, we’ve realised that not many people actually know the backstory about Gnat Styling.


Opposuits: The Best Stag Do Fancy Dress Alternative?

We added the Opposuits range to the Gnat Styling website back in the summer 2015 and have found that these loud, brash and original suits have been a popular and welcome addition to our portfolio. [...]

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